Filipino Marriage Customs and Superstitions

Filipinos have a lot of marriage customs. Some still observe them even until today while there are also some who have embraced other country’s customs. What is interesting about Filipinos is that there are many of them who believe in superstitions. Apparently these superstitions have no scientific basis and they are only beliefs that have been passed on from one generation to the next. Filipinos claim that believing does not do them any harm at all. But there are also some who think that those beliefs are nonsense.

For instance, the brides are not supposed to wear her wedding gown or dress the day prior her wedding because there is a chance that the it will not happen for various reasons. When it comes to wedding presents, there should be no sharp objects which include knives and many others. Or else the marriage will also break. Along with that, chamberpot s also not a good idea for a wedding gift because it is believed to cause bad luck to the couples. Traveling is also a no no days before the wedding ceremony. This is done to avoid accidents and to ensure their safety.


Raining could mean abundance for them as well as happiness. The same goes with throwing rice grains. It is also expected that the groom comes ahead of the bride so as to prevent the occurrence of bad luck. It is also a bad idea if siblings get married on the same year. During reception, good luck is brought by breaking something. And if the woman wants to be the one in charge of all the decisions she should step on the foot of the groom while approaching the altar. The bride should also avoid wearing pearls because these gems are believed to cause heartaches and several tears. And if a single woman follows the trail of the married couple then she is expected to get married soon. In addition, when the veil or wedding ring is dropped, it could mean unhappiness for the newlyweds

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These are only some of the common superstitious beliefs of Filipino people in their marriage customs. Some people find them truly ridiculous but here are those who understand where they are coming from.

And with the influence of other country’s customs in marriage, some of these traditional beliefs are somewhat ignored by others. It does not matter whether these are true or not but if these are what make marriage custom of Filipinos unique then they must be respected.